Teams for State Relays

The State Relay Championships will be held at Lakeside Stadium (Albert Park) this Sunday 25th November 2012.

Teams are as follows:-

Under 14 Men 4 x 100 (From) Ryan Bolton, Ryan Cooper, Ben Hughes, Matt Farro, Dylan Burrows

Under 14 Men 4 x 400 Dylan Burrows, Jessie Dunsmore, Brodie Lynch, Ryan Bolton

Under 16 Men Medley (From) Dylan Burrows, Ryan Cooper, Ben Hughes, Jessie Dunsmore, Brodie Lynch

Under 18 Men Medley Jake Kellar, Mitch Ball, Justin Wolsley, Shaun Walton

Under 18 Men 4 x 800 Shaun Walton, Justin Wolsley, Dean Kidder, Andrew Murray

Under 14 Women 4 x 100 Ebony Zuydwyk, Ruby O’Connor, Taylor Hughes, Brydie Kelly

Under 14 Women 4 x 400 Laurene Colin, Annabelle Hayes, Ebony Zuydwyk, Taylor Hughes

Under 16 Women 4 x 100 (A) Chloe Barnard, Lexie Loizou, Lucy Romanoff, Alona Broome

Under 16 Women 4 x 100(B) Cathy Runting, Claire Cooper, Madison Child, Jordyn McConchie

Under 16 Women 4 x 400 (A) Alexia Loizou, Tarryn Elvish, Briana O”Donoghue, Clea Clifford

Under 16 Women 4 x 400 (B) Claire Cooper, Madison Child, Ruby O’Connor, Lucy Romanoff

Under 16 Women Medley (A) Chloe Barnard, Alona Broome, Sarina A’vard, Chelsea Wells

Under 16 Women Medley (B) Clea Clifford, Cathy Runting, Laurene Colin, Annabelle Hayes

Under 18 Women 4 x 800 Ellie Jackson, Sarina A’vard, Kayla Cheasley, Tarryn Elvish

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask your coaches. Draft timetable is available on the Athletics Victoria Website, or alternatively, Craig will have copies at the Shield competition on Saturday afternoon

Enjoy your day and have fun.