Life Members

We would like to recognise the contribution of each of our life members to the ongoing success of Frankston Athletic Club. This is not a complete list. If you hold, or know of someone who holds life membership to Frankston Athletic Club, we would like to hear from you at


Life Membership (Post 2000)
2005 Nicky Frey
2006 Lyn Owen
2012 Cathy Heijden
2012 John Eden
2014 Dale Stevenson
2014 Dane Verwey
2016 Sarah Klein
2016 Luke Cann
2016 Mark Thomas
2016 Chloe Edwards


Renee Owen

Brendan Smith

 Life Membership (Pre 2000) 
Duncan Proudfoot
Mike Drury

Margaret Drury

 Geoff Foster-Swann
 Tom Lilley

Betty Lilley