Frankston Athletics Club is one of the larger clubs in Victoria, with a strong and active committee aiming to grow the club and improve not only success-wise but the athlete experience.

Athletics Victoria run a club-based competition for Track & Field through the Summer, which commences early October, and a Cross Country season which begins in April and goes through until September. Further information can be found at the Athletics Victoria Webpage under Competitions.

Joining involves registering with Athletics Victoria, and nominating Frankston Athletic Club as your club, and purchasing the appropriate ‘package’ depending on what you would like to compete in and how often. This can be done via the AV website www.athsvic.org.au/membership   The cost is all inclusive, and allows access to our training facility and our gym (on completion of an indemnity form). The only other cost is for the club uniform, which is a singlet or a crop top.

Training tends to place in squads under one of our coaches, based on age, and preferred disciplines. Our website lists the various coaches affiliated with FAC, and shows what events they specialize in. You can browse through and select a coach, or email us and we can help recommend a suitable fit, depending on what events you tend to be strongest in, and your availability, as each of the squads train at different times.

But coaching is optional, and you can come down and train on your own at any time, or just turn up and compete on competition days. Similarly, you may choose to train with a a coach/squad and not compete in athletics – that’s fine.